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REPORTING criteria


When reporting incidents, please focus on threats or actions toward you or someone you have firsthand knowledge about. Incidents can cover a wide range of information from verbal threats, assault, stalking, attempted murder, and any actions up to murder. The incident needs to relate to your employment in a code enforcement role and happened on or off duty. Some Code Enforcement Officers are called a variety of terms and may also enforce building codes, fire codes, animal violations, and parking violations.


  • Threat (verbal or written)

  • Harassment

  • Brandishing a Weapon

  • Stalking

  • Assault/Battery

  • Attempted Murder

  • Animal Attack


When reporting a death of a Code Enforcement Officer, please include as much detail as possible. Reported deaths could occur on or off duty and can result from murder, health, or accidents. The Code Officer Down list only documents the Officers who we lose while still employed in the profession. It is important to include how the death occurred and any links to information related to the death. 


  • Murder

  • Health Related

  • Accident

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