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We are humbled to hear how the Foundation is impacting our profession and increasing the safety of professionals. It is sad to hear of some of the setbacks with different agencies, but we appreciate hearing so we can help adapt to the needs of our noble profession.

Please feel free to email us your comments:


Great site! We encourage our members to report their encounters with you...that we can use as an argument for better protection of code officers with our legislators."

Board Member, East Coast State Association

“I have been in this field for almost 3 years and had no idea that an organization such as this existed. I have visited the website and am blown away by your cause and mission."

Housing Inspector, Northeast United States

“This is an AMAZING resource and I for one am grateful for the work you are doing for all of us in the field. I will continue to support such a great organization and effort. Keep up the great work!"

Code Enforcement Officer, Missouri

“Thank you, CEOSF, for everything you have done and will do! This is a great and important endeavor!"

President, West Coast State Association

“Keep up the excellent work."

Code Enforcement Director, Texas

“It's comforting to know we're not alone and so many other people understand and so many care."

Code Enforcement Officer, Illinois

“Thank you all so much for your time today, for your information, resources and mostly for your passion. We're lucky to have you in our corner! Be safe everyone!"

Code Enforcement Officer, Indiana

“Our superiors stated our job involves "no risks". This was after me and another officer were menaced with a gun. It was quite the battle to get vests but as of today I should have mine in hand in just a few weeks. Thanks for all you do! I appreciate the information shared and education put out."

Code Enforcement Officer, Northwest United States

“I so hope this organization stays with us for a long time!"

Code Enforcement Officer, Missouri

“An amazing organization no doubt, thank you!"

Code Enforcement Officer, California

“We’ve started a Code Enforcement unit for our Solid Waste division, and have found your website and organization very helpful thus far. "

District Manager, Alaska

“I think what you are offering is the BEST training and conversations we should be having that I have seen come along in a long time. Especially in these times with the changing culture. We just hired two new code enforcement officers with zero training so this will be invaluable training to offer our staff. "

Senior Building & Fire Inspector, ICC Chapter President

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