Our Mission

“The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation exists to promote best practices for the safety of Code Enforcement Officers throughout the United States; to provide a resource for officers; report incidents; provide up-to-date training and to encourage a high standard of professionalism within our chosen profession."

Who is a Code Official?

This website honors Code Enforcement Officers, Fire Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Housing Inspectors, and Health Inspectors. Code Enforcement Officers are called a variety of terms throughout the country and between different jurisdictions. They could be called officers or inspectors and can be assigned to Building Departments, Community Development, Fire, or Police. In some jurisdictions, Code Enforcement Officers are Peace Officers assigned to enforcing housing and nuisance laws. In other areas they are assigned to the Fire Department as Fire Marshals or inspectors.


No matter what house they are apart of or title they have, Code Enforcement Officers are law enforcement. They enforce local municipal codes, state laws, housing laws, fire code, and others. In most cases, Code Enforcement Officers can obtain warrants and prepare cases for misdemeanor prosecution.

Code Enforcement is a growing profession nationwide. States have begun to organize statewide associations to create curriculum for training and lobby for the profession to change or add laws. 

History of Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation

The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation (CEOSF) was founded in November 2020 by a Board of Directors made up of like-minded individuals. Since the Code Enforcement profession has continued to grow and the duties with them, there has been an increase in murders and assaults on Code Enforcement Officers. The topic of Code Enforcement Officer Safety has been growing with many states offering training on the subject. 

After the 2018 murder of Code Enforcement Officer Jill Robinson, founding member Tim Sun, started a GoFundMe to raise money to buy body armor for Code Enforcement Officers. The goal was to purchase body armor for Officers whose agency would not provide them or the Officer could not afford to purchase the armor. 

In June 2020, founding member Justin Edson created the first ever national reporting database and website for Code Enforcement Officer Safety. By creating a national discussion, more information was found on previously unknown Code Enforcement Officers who were murdered. This website was the beginning to the current one in use by the Foundation.

Through a shared passion, the founding 5 board members came together to establish a non-profit foundation. In 2020, the Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation was launched to share officer safety information and raise money for body armor. 

In May 2021, CEOSF entered into an agreement with the International Code Council (ICC) to be a "Supporting Organization" of ICC.

In June 2022, CEOSF officially reached 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.