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Our Mission

Code Officer Safety's mission is to create a centralized database of information for those in the Code Enforcement profession related to safety. We support statewide and nationwide code enforcement associations that aim to advance the profession. Currently, there is no nationwide tracking of Code Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty or incidents related to the job. We want to be a resource to those professionals in Code Enforcement and help provide data that can change a law, policy, or procedure to better protect Officers.

Who is a Code Enforcement Officer?

Code Enforcement Officers are called a variety of terms throughout the country and between different jurisdictions. They could be called officers or inspectors and can be assigned to Building Departments, Community Development, Fire, or Police. In some jurisdictions, Code Enforcement Officers are Peace Officers assigned to enforcing housing and nuisance laws. In other areas they are assigned to the Fire Department as Fire Marshals or inspectors. This website honors Code Enforcement Officers, Fire Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Housing Inspectors, and Health Inspectors.


No matter what house they are apart of or title they have, Code Enforcement Officers are law enforcement. They enforce local municipal codes, state laws, housing laws, fire code, and others. In most cases, Code Enforcement Officers can obtain warrants and prepare cases for misdemeanor prosecution.

Code Enforcement is a growing profession nationwide. States have begun to organize statewide associations to create curriculum for training and lobby for the profession to change or add laws. 

History of Code Officer Safety

After participating in several officer safety training's and webinars, it was clear there needed to be an organized national effort to promote Code Officer Safety. These classes had students research any news articles on the internet about Code Enforcement Officers being attacked or killed and discuss the incident. Several Code Enforcement association websites have made attempts to compile a list of fallen Code Enforcement Officers, but none that truly detailed all known murders across the entire country in a central location.


On June 9, 2020 Code Officer Safety went live. The goal was simple - provide a one-stop shop to honor our colleagues who have fallen and promote training and legislation related to Code Officer Safety. Code Enforcement is a growing profession and several other professions cross over in hybrid ways. Who documents their assaults, their threats, and their murders? The risk of incidents is lower than that of a Police Officer, but still very much there. 

We look forward to our future to see the profession grow and protections increase. This website and mission will adjust and grow with the needs of the Code Enforcement profession.

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