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November 4th 9am-11am PST

A great webinar on de-escalation and interacting with difficult folks. Presented by a retired Police Chief and Police Commander, this class will give you some great insight. Class is only $30.00 and you can register online.

Officer Safety Instructors

Here is a list of Officer Safety related instructors in the United States. This is a database and not an endorsement. They provide in person and webinar style training. Please contact them directly to check their service options. If you provide related training, please email us at



Officer Safety Academy Instructor

Tim Sun has over 15 years in the Code Enforcement profession and an additional 8 years as a Police Officer in California. He has experience with homeless enforcement and outreach, marijuana grows, dispensaries, gambling operations, environmental crimes, construction, and property nuisance violations. Tim is an Officer Safety Instructor in California and has taught numerous classes on self defense, deescalation, and verbal judo. He has also taught at the regional module academies through CACEO on officer safety. Tim is also a CA POST RCB expandable baton instructor. 

Tim can be reached at:



Dedicated Threat Solutions, LLC

Scott Kirshner, M.Ed. has held many positions in the criminal justice system to include Parole Administrator, Supervisory Probation Officer and Correctional Officer. As an officer survival instructor he was integral in the development and implementation of an officer safety curriculum for two large agencies. He served as a Certified Firearms Instructor, Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor and Use of Force Instructor. He has facilitated classes on: Use of Force, Tactical Mindset, Verbal De-escalation, Crisis Prevention, OC Spray, Expandable Baton, Handcuffing, Searches, Safety Policies, Applied Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Low-Light Shooting, Force-on-Force, Judgmental Shooting, Active Killer Incidents, Surviving Violent Encounters and other courses.

Mr. Kirshner has presented in person and through webinars. He can be contacted at:



Workplace & Employee Safety

Grand Master Art Miraflor has been teaching Officer Safety classes since 1997. Through his classes he has graduated over 2,000 men and women. Art is a veteran, licensed contractor, and spent 14 years as a Senior Code Enforcement Officer in California before retiring. Art still travels around the states to teach cities, counties, and federal agencies about self defense and officer safety. His classes cover active shooter training, animal attacks, how to disarm someone, and verbal deescalation. Art's class is seven hours long and he is also able to do a workplace inspection.

Art is available to coordinate an agency training in person. He can be contacted at:

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Officer Safety Instructor (Georgia)

Kirk L. Palmer is a Code Enforcement Officer with twenty-six years of law enforcement experience. Officer Palmer specializes in officer safety, extremist groups and gangs. Officer Palmer holds a Master’s Level Certificate from the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement Officials, as well as an Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. He is a certified Field Training Officer through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council as well.  Officer Palmer takes officer safety very seriously and enjoys teaching for the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement Officials.

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