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CEOSF Certified Officer Safety Instructor (COSCI)

The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation (CEOSF) is proud to announce the launch of the CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor (COSCI) program to recognize and acknowledge code professionals and trainers who possess qualifications to provide officer safety and survival instruction. These individuals exhibit “best practices” in training delivery by being highly recommended by Department Directors and by maintaining their training skills through the completion of continuing professional education instructor course work. This
program is for all professional trainers to include code enforcement officers, building inspectors, fire inspectors, housing inspectors, zoning inspectors, health inspectors, animal control officers, peace officers, sheriff deputies, academic instructors, private trainers, and others interested in improving code enforcement officer safety/survival training and individual instructional skill sets.

The CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor (COSCI) program recognizes and acknowledges qualified officer safety and survival instructors who provide high-quality best practices training to code professionals. The Foundation believes it is extremely important to have instructors who are qualified, vetted, and experienced to facilitate courses on officer safety/survival especially as the topic of officer safety is becoming more prevalent within the code enforcement profession. Time in position, in and of itself, is not a qualification standard to be a trainer especially relating to officer safety. It is also easy for “instructors” to facilitate officer safety classes without having the proper credentials and experience to teach on the topic. The Foundation views such practices as not only unsafe but morally and ethically wrong. By setting a certification standard based on documented instructor qualifications and experience the Foundation can recommend to the profession, with confidence, that training professionals who have the COSCI designation are qualified to facilitate training on officer safety for code professionals. All trainers who have COSCI certification have:

  • Successfully completed a general instructor certification program and provided documented proof of completion

  • More than 3 years of experience facilitating courses on officer safety/survival

  • Provided documentation of officer safety and survival training certifications and courses completed

  • Endorsements from a Code Director, POST Director, or Law Enforcement Academy Director, or three references

  • A commitment to continuing education regarding instructor development

  • An unwavering passion for officer safety

Instructors who seek to facilitate courses in partnership with the Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation will be required to be COSCI certified so that the Foundation ensures that it is only using qualified and vetted officer safety instructors. The Foundation has not only set the standard but we adhere to it as well.

What are the benefits of becoming a CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor (COSCI)?

  • Receive an identification card with the CEOSF seal documenting your Officer Safety Certified Instructor status and expiration date

  • Receive a CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor certificate, suitable for framing

  • Post your picture and biographical information on your CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor webpage with links back to your webpage if applicable

  • Use the COSCI Badge for emails or business cards.

  • Use the CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor Program acronym COSCI on your business cards, letterhead, email signature, etc. Example: Justin Edson, CCEO, COSS, COSCI

  • “Charter member” status designated on ID card for the first 50 members

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What are the requirements to become a CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor?

The CEOSF has established these 'best practice' standards for those interested in becoming recognized and certified:

  1. Complete the CEOSF Instructor Application and endorsement references. CLICK HERE

  2. Submit a current resume outlining your specific officer safety/survival teaching and curriculum development experience indicating more than three (3) years of training experience

    • Examples of desired certificates from established institutions:

      • Faculty Skill Development Coursework

      • Staff Instructor Certification Training

      • Defensive Tactics Train the Trainer

      • Firearms Train the Trainer

      • Surefire Institute Instructor Course(s)

      • Arcuri Group - Situational Awareness Specialist Advanced Practitioner (SAS-AP)

      • Force-on-Force Simulation Safety Instructor

      • Force Protection & Terrorism Preparedness

      • Psychology of Survival

      • Active Shooter Events Train the Trainer

      • Crisis Intervention Certificates

      • Situational Awareness

      • Black Belt or similar for martial arts

  3. Submit your Code Director, POST Director, or Academy Director endorsement or THREE (3) letters of recommendation from Code Enforcement or Law Enforcement attesting to your skills and abilities as an instructor who will be contacted during a background check

  4. Submit a completion certificate from a recognized Instructor level course indicating instructor certification

  5. Officer safety/survival training certifications

  6. Submit your $150 annual COSCI Instructor Fee.


After completing the application, please upload documentation and send to Justin Edson,
COSCI Project Director at


To renew:

  • Complete renewal application.

  • Submit $100 annual renewal fee.

  • Every three years, each COSCI Instructor must complete SIX (6) hours of instructor training/development continuing education to maintain certification. These training hours can come from attending conferences or training courses related to instructional development. Certificates of attendance are required. COSCI Instructors who recertify will receive an updated CEOSF certificate (suitable for framing) and membership card.

    Who can I contact for more information?
    Read our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about COSCI
    Justin Edson at

CEOSF Certified Officer Safety Instructors (COSCI)


Scott Kirshner, M.Ed., SAS-AP

Dedicated Threat Solutions, LLC

Scott Kirshner was granted COSCI status in September 2021. He is in good standing and active instructor. He is supported by CEOSF to teach a wide array of subjects from self-defense, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, survival, and so much more. Scott is our Lead instructor for the CEOSF Code Official Safety Specialist certification program. He has over 30 years experience being an instructor and hold dozens of training certificates on many topics.