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The Officer Safety Newsletter

One of the Foundations first resources is the Quarterly Officer Safety Newsletter. The newsletters provide articles and information about officer safety related topics for the profession and can touch on Code Enforcement, Building, Fire, Housing, Animal Control, and so much more. These are free to download and receive. Be sure to sign-up for our email list to receive these as soon as they are published directly in your inbox!

Previous articles touched on approaching the front door, vendor enforcement, sovereign citizens, first amendment auditors, mental health, incident debriefs, de-escalation, complacency, elements of violence, risk, documenting threats, etc.

2024 Spring

Spring Edition

April 2024

Summer 23 Issue.png

Summer Edition

July 2023

Vol3i1 Fall 2022.png

Fall Edition

October 2022

V2i2 Winter 2022.png

Winter Edition

January 2022

V1i3 Spring 2021.png

Spring Edition

April 2021


Winter Edition

January 2024

Spring 23.png

Spring Edition

April 2023

V2i4 Summer 2022.png

Summer Edition

July 2022

Vol2i1 Fall 2021.png

Fall Edition

October 2021

V1i2 Winter 2021.png

Winter Edition

January 2021

Fall 2023 Newsletter.png

Fall Edition

October 2023

V3i2 Winter 2023.png

Winter Edition

January 2023

V2i3 Spring 2022.png

Spring Edition

April 2022

V1i4 Summer 2021.png

Summer Edition

July 2021

V1i1 Fall 2020.png

Fall Edition

October 2020

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