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SB 296: Step by Step for Compliance

Senate Bill 296 Compliance

On January 1, 2022 Senate Bill 296 took effect in California. While this bill was signed into law in California, it has a ripple effect across the globe. This FREE training will discuss what the Bill means, how your agency can comply, and other resources related to ensuring safety protections for you and your team.

In short, SB 296 is very vague, but requires agencies to develop officer safety standards. This is a big step in showing a need to protect Code Officials. However, due to how vague it is and no standards listed, agencies are concerned with how to comply. CEOSF hosted a free webinar in December 2021 before the law took effect where we discussed how to address the concerns. Our panel of Board Members and Instructors have decades of experience as Managers and Administrators.

The class and webinar discuss:

  • Senate Bill 296 text

  • CEOSF Risk Management Letter for Human Resources [downloadable]

  • On-demand Webinar [90 min]

    • Assessing your operation

    • Memo to Human Resources

    • Training

    • Policies

  • Minimum Standards

  • CEOSF Template SOP

  • Sample SB 296 Memo [downloadable]

  • CAL OSHA Guide for Injury Illness Protection Plan (IIPP) [downloadable]

  • OSHA Complaint Notice & Filing a Complaint

  • Kern County Grand Jury Report Recommends CEOSF Minimum Standards [downloadable]

Why is this great information for EVERYONE? While California now requires it, every agency should look at risk management and making sure you have an updated and effective IIPP per OSHA. This class is great for field staff, supervisors, managers, risk management, human resources, and decision makers.

According to Safe At Work California: "One more important reason to have an effective IIPP [Injury Illness Protection Plan]: you can avoid the citation that comes from not having one. Each year, Cal/OSHA issues more fines to businesses in violation of the IIPP regulation than it does for any other standard. Workplaces must have procedures in place to identify and evaluate all areas of the work environment for health and safety hazards, unsafe conditions and work practices."

Meet the Panel

Senate Bill 296 Panel of Presenters

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