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Code Council


The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation supports the International Code Council's vision of creating safe, affordable, and sustainable buildings and communities, and mission to provide the codes, tools, and resources that members rely on, building safety professionals turn to, and manufacturers and the public trust. The Foundation is excited to be a Supporting Organization of the International Code Council. We are grateful for ICC's support of our Foundation and the profession.

Support of the International Codes

Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors, and other Code Officials are tasked with regulating and supporting the adopted codes across the country. The Foundation supports the latest edition of the International Codes. To learn more, please visit: CLICK HERE


Resources from ICC

The International Code Council has several resources for information related to Code Enforcement, Code Officials, and public safety.

Earn your ICC Credential of Learning Achievement (CLA) for the CEOSF Code Official Safety Specialist!

Learn more at:

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