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Award Application

Jill Robinson Award

This award started in September 2022 and is awarded to an agency that has taken steps to provide safety training, equipment, and policies to promote the safety of their employees. They must be a government agency that regulates codes such as Code Enforcement, Building, Fire, Health, Housing, Zoning, etc. This is awarded to one agency every year in November and agencies self-nominate during the application period.

Certificate of Recognition

This award started in May 2021 and is presented to individuals or organizations that help move officer safety forward. This could be with assisting with legislation, donating body armor, training, or any other action that makes officer safety a priority. Recipients receive an official certificate on behalf of the entire Board of Directors. Award can be issued throughout the year. State Associations have nominated their members for this award.

Application Period September 15 - October 15. Applications must be received by October 15, 2023 ar 11:59 PM.

Award Application

Please complete the form to apply for the national Jill Robinson Award or Certificate of Recognition.

You may email us any supporting documents or photos to

Thanks for submitting!

"It is an honor to be recognized by such an amazing organization!"

President, OCEA

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