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Annual Award Recipients

Updated: Jan 19

Check out the recipients of our international 2023 awards!

Each year, the Foundation opens the nomination period for our internationally recognized awards. These awards relate to officer safety and the Foundation's Mission. These awards include:

  • The Jill Robinson Award - This is our highest award that is given to one government agency each year that goes above and beyond for their teams safety. This may include officer safety training, policies, equipment, and other actions to support their team.

  • Regional Representative of the Year Award - This award is nominated and voted on by the Board of Directors. This is given to the Regional Representative that has put in extra work and time to serve the Foundation. The Board of Directors look at involvement in committees, conferences, and individual activities in their Region to assist in the Foundations growth.

  • Professional Organization of the Year Award - The recipient is selected by the Board of Directors and must be a current partner. Typically, the recipient has taken extra steps throughout the year to enhance and grow the relationship and officer safety commitment with their members. This may include inviting CEOSF to conferences, sharing CEOSF content on social media, offering training opportunities, and overall support of our mission.

This year, the Foundation received numerous nominations nationwide for the Jill Robinson Award. The Board of Directors also needed to consider all of the great Regional Representatives and Partners.

Jill Robinson Award

The 2023 Award Recipient is the City of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The newly hired Code Enforcement Manager implemented several new officer safety practices. Personnel all attended the Code Official Safety Specialist (COSS) training, must wear body armor on-duty, use radios to provide their locations, and allows the carrying of batons/ASP. Their office has been secured with locks and cameras, and there is a glass separation at the public counter. The division also completes a minimum of 16 hours of continued safety training each year. Congratulations City of Alamogordo!

Regional Representative of the Year Award

The 2023 Award Recipient is Ordinance Services Manager, Jodi Welch (Michigan). Jodi has served as a Regional Representative for over 2 years with the Foundation and is currently the Chair of the Charitable Giving's Committee. In this role she has helped facilitate evaluating and organizing 100+ body armor requests for the Board of Directors to consider. This has helped CEOSF donate over $37,000 in body armor across the nation. Jodi has also volunteered to represent the Foundation at numerous conferences nationwide. She also established partnerships with local chapters and associations. Early this year she received a Certificate of Recognition from the Board of Directors for her dedication and hard work. Congratulations Jodi!

Professional Organization of the Year Award

The 2023 Award Recipient is the Texas Environmental Health Association (TEHA). The Foundation values and appreciates the great partnership with TEHA. This year, TEHA invited CEOSF to do the full 2-day COSS training in-person at their annual conference. The class was packed and even included the TEHA President Kacey Roman! We are grateful for our partners like TEHA who support officer safety and find ways for us to collaborate. Congratulations TEHA!

Congratulations to all of the award recipients this year! We look forward to see what 2024 brings us! Remember that award nominations open up in September each year. Also, throughout the year CEOSF also can award individuals with the Certificate of Recognition and the President's Award. You can learn more at:

2022 Award Recipients:

  • Jill Robinson Award - City of Lake Elsinore (CA)

  • Regional Representative of the Year Award - Korbin Weese (TX)

  • Professional Organization of the Year Award - Oklahoma Code Enforcement Association (OCEA)

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