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International Partnership & Mission

The Foundation is excited to announce our first international partnership with the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers (Canada).

The Foundation recently adopted a global mission to promote officer safety on the international level. OAPSO shares our passion for promoting safety and professionalism in the industry. Code Enforcement Officers, Property Standards Officers, and other titles all regulate local laws and ordinances to help their communities. It is in this role that there are exposures to safety hazards from individuals who are upset, have mental illness, or a criminal background. Together with OAPSO, we look forward to promoting officer safety in Ontario, Canada with OAPSO!

CEOSF's new Global Mission Statement reads, "The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation exists to promote best practices for the safety of Code Officials across the world; to provide a resource for officials; report incidents; provide up-to-date training and to encourage a high standard of professionalism within our chosen profession."

The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers is the leading professional association for the field of Property Standards. The purpose of the Association is to provide training to municipal personnel engaged in the administration or the enforcement of legislation governing the maintenance, occupancy, repair and improvement of property and the environment. The Association has representation from municipalities and Government agencies from across Ontario. This representation provides our members with a diverse range of experience to draw upon. Visit them at:

OAPSO President Allison Henshall stated, "OAPSO is excited to announce our new partnership with the Foundation to enhance the safety and well-being of our members. This partnership reinforces our commitment to ensuring that officer safety needs are paramount, and by collaborating with an international partner such as the Foundation, we can better equip our members with the necessary tools and resources to work safely and securely. We are confident that this partnership will bring significant benefits to our members, and we look forward to working closely with the Foundation to achieve our shared goals."

"This exclusive partnership with OAPSO in Ontario, Canada is an exciting new chapter for the Foundation. The Board of Directors is grateful for the focus OAPSO has on officer safety and their members. We look forward to working together, providing training, and supporting each other. While our job titles may change; our duties and responsibilities are very similar across the world. The Foundation is thrilled to build these global relationships and help each other," said CEOSF President Justin Edson.

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