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New Critical Training Launched

The Foundation is excited to share the launch of several new webinars on officer safety.

Part of the Foundation's mission is to provide "up-to-date training" to the profession. With the International Code Council, American Association of Code Enforcement, National Animal Care & Control Association, and numerous other international organizations recognizing us for our mission and purpose, we want to make sure we offer important officer safety training.

In partnership with CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructors (COSCI), we have launched a few new webinars that you can access from anywhere in the world. These classes can earn ICC CEU's and many other organizations will honor this training for CEU's.

Check out our online class offerings: CLICK HERE

Officer Safety: Opioids & Narcan

With the rise of fentanyl in our communities, inspectors and officers have been coming in close contact with exposures. The Director of a major city in the United States emailed the Foundation, "[We] had a tragic ending for a fentanyl exposure for a resident, and affected another adult and child in a residence. It ultimately became a major hazmat event for the first responders. Our department is concerned that our staff may be exposed unknowingly as they are administering their code official responsibilities."

This 90 minute on-demand webinar is taught by Cody Tweedy who is a Police Officer in Colorado. Cody has 15+ years of experience that includes being a FD Battalion Chief for the 3rd largest Fire Department in the country and is responsible for this training at his current PD. He is a nationally registered EMT and is a CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor.

This course goes over the history of opioids, myths about fentanyl, using Narcan, and general best practices for inspectors.

Officer Safety: High Risk Case Management

Whether you are a Code Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector, Housing Inspector, Animal Control, or By-Law Officer we manage projects and cases. These involve residents, contractors, businesses, and random people. When you issue a stop work notice, correction notice, citation, warning, or go to court - it affects peoples lives. We do not know if the person is suffering from mental illness, stress, a divorce, financial problems, or other emotional tragedies.

This 2.5 hour on-demand webinar discusses doing your research and homework on cases for your safety. The instructor taps into his personal code cases that were given to him after being open 10-30 years each. Through his will and determination he built relationships with other departments and began getting warrants to clean these properties up. Along the way he was threatened and even had a police detail watch his family. He discusses tips and tricks on managing this high risk cases.

The instructor, Chris Mandala, is a Senior Code Enforcement Officer in California and has decades of experience with LAPD as a retired Police Sergeant. Chris is a CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructor, Certified Code Enforcement Officer, and Code Official Safety Specialist.

Check out our online class offerings: CLICK HERE

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