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CEOSF at EduCODE 2024

The Foundation was in Las Vegas this week at EduCODE!

Las Vegas, Nevada

CEOSF was represented by our amazing Regional Representatives Jodi Welch, Jim Straws, and Layne Chamberlain all week at the conference. CEOSF Reps Brian Morris and Matthew Meanea were around as conference attendees as well. The team was able to meet many great officials from across the country and spread awareness of officer safety. We thank those who made donations to us as a 501c3 nonprofit!

Officer Safety Training in Partnership with AACE

CEOSF was proud to partner with the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) for a second year to teach officer safety. This year, CEOSF Officer Safety Certified Instructors (COSCI) Tim Sun and Darrell Revier taught High Risk Case Management and Animal Encounters to a class of 30+ attendees.

Many of the attendees did not take these 2 classes last year and were unaware of CEOSF. They enjoyed the class, sharing personal stories, and connecting with our team to learn more about the Foundation's mission.

Two attendees told one of our Reps, "These were the two best classes of the whole convention. We wish this would have been presented as part of the main curriculum."

The Foundation is looking forward to attending several more conferences this year and increasing the awareness of our mission. Reach out to us to inquire about trainings and resources:

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