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Annual Awards

The application period is now open for our international awards! Closes October 15th

The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation (CEOSF) is an internationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that is focused on the safety of Code Enforcement, Code Officials, By-Law Officers, Animal Control, Health Inspectors, and other related professions that are involved in enforcement. CEOSF is recognized by the International Code Council, American Association of Code Enforcement, National Animal Care & Control Association, and numerous other organizations.

This is the second year the Foundation is offering these awards. Some of the awards are open to applications from individuals and agencies, while others are directly chosen by the Board of Directors. Please read the description of the awards below before applying.

International Awards

  • The Jill Robinson Award - This is considered to be the Foundations highest award. Government agencies can apply for this award to be considered. This is given to a government agency that has put officer safety as a priority for their staff. This includes the implementation of training, policies, equipment, and overall support of their inspectors or officers. This is an important risk management award.

  • Professional Organization of the Year - Awarded to a professional organization (i.e. state association, ICC chapter, etc.) that has partnered with the Foundation, provided access to a free booth at a conference, provided opportunities to instruct, shares the Foundation's social media posts, and maintains the Foundation information on their website.

  • Regional Representative of the Year - Awarded to a CEOSF Regional Representative that has gone above and beyond with building partnerships, sponsorships, and attending events. As volunteers, this award honors a representative every year for their outstanding contributions to our mission as a nonprofit.

  • Certificate of Recognition - Presented to individuals or organizations that help move officer safety forward. This could be with assisting with legislation, donating body armor, training, or any other action that makes officer safety a priority. Recipients receive an official certificate on behalf of the entire Board of Directors.

To apply for the Jill Robinson Award or the Certificate of Recognition, please complete this form:

The application period is from September 15th - October 15th.

2022 Award Recipients

Jill Robinson Award - City of Lake Elsinore, CA

Professional Organization of the Year - Oklahoma Code Enforcement Association

Regional Representative of the Year - Korbin Weese (Region 10)

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