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Foundation Names New Executive Director

CEOSF has appointed Aleksandra M. Menasakanian as the first Executive Director effective April 24th.

The Foundation was launched on November 17, 2020, and has seen tremendous growth in its reach and influence over these short 2.5 years. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, it is critical to provide a high level of service to the profession while also advocating for the safety of code professionals across the globe. The demand and responsibilities have grown beyond the capacity of the volunteer Board of Directors, therefore this position was established. The Executive Director position will be responsible for the daily operations of the Foundation, marketing, fundraising, and relationship building.

Our Mission Statement reads, "The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation exists to promote best practices for the safety of Code Enforcement Officers throughout the United States; to provide a resource for officers; report incidents, provide up-to-date training and to encourage a high standard of professionalism within our chosen profession."

CEOSF President Justin Edson stated, "On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Aleksandra to the role of Executive Director for the Foundation. After reviewing her qualifications and conducting an interview with the Board, the entire Board is confident that Aleks will help expand the Foundation's impact on the profession. She will be a strong leader in the organization and be responsible for carrying out the mission and strategic goals of the Board. We are excited to start this next chapter and focus on building our relationships with City Management organizations and elected officials to shift the national discussion."

About Aleks:

Aleksandra M. Menasakanian has spent the last 10 years working for local government in California. She has worked in Community Services and Neighborhood Services in a variety of positions over her public service tenure. Most recently she has been the Neighborhood Services Coordinator that has overseen CDBG grants, housing resources, community outreach for Code Enforcement, and organized numerous city events. Aleks has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Associates of Science Degree in Communications and Public Relations. She has experience managing grants, budgets, request for proposals, presenting to City Council and Commissions, organizing events, and marketing for Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement.

When asked why she desired to join CEOSF, Aleks said, "Working alongside Code Enforcement for the last 7 years has opened my eyes to the other side of the profession that so few like to talk about. That is where I would like to come into this Foundation, by helping Code Enforcement Officers and their families, share their real-life stories, hoping that it can change the course of safety in the profession. Being behind that mission alone, would be an absolute honor."

As Aleks settles into her new role, she will begin working with the Foundations team of amazing Regional Representatives, Committees, partners, and sponsors to enhance our relationships. She will be involved in the Foundation's message and marketing across all of its platforms. As seen in the Foundation's Mission, CEOSF is focused on promoting officer safety and professionalism. The Board is confident Aleks energy and passion is directly in-line with the mission of the Foundation. Please join us in welcoming Aleks to our team and we look forward to the growth ahead representing our noble profession!

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