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Inaugural National Awards

This year the Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of three national awards related to officer safety.

December 27, 2022 - As the leading advocate across the country for officer safety of regulatory inspectors, the Board found it crucial to award those who help promote safety. The three awards include the Jill Robinson Award, the Professional Organization of the Year, and Regional Representative of the Year. Candidates are reviewed in November of each year and approved by the Board of Directors. This year is the inaugural launch of the awards.

Pictured L-R: CEOSF Vice President Tim Sun, Code Manager Fred Lopez, and CEOSF President Justin Edson

The Jill Robinson Award is given to a government agency that has put officer safety as a priority for their staff. This includes the implementation of training, policies, equipment, and overall support of their inspectors or officers. The Foundation receives public nominations for this award.

The City of Lake Elsinore has put the safety of their Code Enforcement Officers as a priority for over a decade. This is due in large part to Code Enforcement Manager Fred Lopez who has advocated for his team to receive the budget and authorization to provide body armor, RCB batons, OC spray, uniforms, and radios. Their vehicles are equipped with warning lights and a PA system to assist with emergencies. The division has completed the international Code Official Safety Specialist (COSS) training program among other training. The Foundation commends The City of Lake Elsinore for mitigating risk and protecting their Code Enforcement staff under the leadership of Fred Lopez.

Pictured L-R: OCEA President Maverick Fritsche and CEOSF Board of Directors Travis Guess.

The Professional Organization of the Year Award is given to an organization such as a state association or ICC chapter that has partnered with the Foundation and taken extra steps to promote our partnership. This may include providing a free conference booth, training opportunities, sharing of Foundation social media, providing Foundation information on their website, and communicating to their membership about the Foundation.

The Oklahoma Code Enforcement Association was the first state association to partner and support the Foundation in early 2021. Since then, OCEA has invited the Foundation to their 2022 conference to provide officer safety training. The OCEA Board of Directors has been very supportive of officer safety and our partnership. OCEA has shared by far, the most content from the Foundation on social media and to their members. CEOSF is grateful for our strong partnership!

The Regional Representative of the Year Award is given to the volunteer with the Foundation that has gone above and beyond to support the mission of CEOSF. This can include establishing partnerships in their region, sponsorships, and attending booth opportunities across the country. Our Regional Representatives volunteer their free time with the Foundation to promote officer safety and we are grateful for their service to CEOSF.

Korbin Weese is the Regional Representative for Region 10, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. He is a Code Enforcement Supervisor in Texas and joined the Foundation in September of 2021. Since joining the Foundation, Korbin has become a Code Official Safety Specialist (COSS), volunteered at conferences to operate our booth, and established meaningful partnerships with several Texas Associations. He has always been counted on to follow through and build relationships. The Board of Directors appreciate what Korbin has done over the last year to move us forward!

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