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The Foundation Launches National Officer Safety Training

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

CEOSF partners with Dedicated Threat Solutions, LLC to develop the Code Official Safety Specialist (COSS) training cirriculum.

June 1, 2021 - The Board of Directors realized there was a national need for officer safety training that applies to field inspectors and the type of situations Code Officials get into. The Foundation entered into a training agreement with Dedicated Threat Solutions, LLC. Lead Instructor Scott Kirshner developed a comprehensive five class training program that built upon each other as you progressed through the training. The course included individual PDF workbooks for each class and a quiz to test a participants knowledge.

Course Included:

  • Tactical Mindset (3 hours)

  • Fear Management (3 hours)

  • Verbal De-escalation (3 hours)

  • Three Phases of a Contact (3 hours)

  • Surviving a Violent Encounter (3 hours)

The launch of the training involved one class per month via live webinar between July and November. The initial class had over 120 participants tune in and graduate. After the live webinar series, an on-demand virtual classroom was later created by December of 2021.

The training was a success! Code Officials from around the country signed up. Participants were Code Officers, Building Inspectors, Public Works Director, Permit Techs, Admin Support, Fire Inspectors, and many more. Within a few months nearly 500 professionals graduated as certified Code Official Safety Specialists.

About Scott Kirshner, M.Ed., INCI, COSCI, SAS-AP

Scott Kirshner, M.Ed., INCI, COSCI, SAS-AP®, is an accomplished trainer with over 39 years of experience in safety and violence mitigation strategies. He has held many positions in the criminal justice system to include Parole Administrator, Supervisory Probation Officer, and Correctional Officer. As an officer survival instructor he was integral in the development and implementation of an officer safety curriculum for two large agencies. He served as a Certified Firearms Instructor, Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Use of Force Instructor. He has facilitated classes on: Use of Force, Tactical Mindset, Verbal De-escalation, Crisis Prevention, OC Spray, Expandable Baton, Handcuffing, Searches, Safety Policies, Applied Defensive Tactics, Low-Light Shooting, Force-on-Force, Judgmental Shooting, Terrorism, Active Killer Incidents, Surviving Violent Encounters, and other courses. He is a two time recipient of the Excellence in Training Award by the Arizona Supreme Court. He is the author of numerous books on safety and officer survival.

Mr. Kirshner has worked with numerous municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He has trained with the FBI SWAT Team – Phoenix Division, Phoenix Police Department, SureFire Institute, Proactive Training Institute, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Pima County Sheriff’s Office and many other government and private agencies on topics to include: Officer Survival, Active Shooter Intervention, Force-on-Force Training, Shoot House Instructor, Law Enforcement First Responder, Building Clearing, School Violence, Workplace Violence, Flashbang Operator, Tactical Scouting and others. Mr. Kirshner is a member of the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association.

Mr. Kirshner has also received specialized training on the topics of: Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence Offenders, Mental Health Offenders, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Motivational Interviewing, Risk and Needs Assessments, Public Information Officer Training, numerous Leadership Schools, Faculty Skills Development, Advanced Faculty Skills Development and Curriculum and Lesson Plan Development. Mr. Kirshner has a Master of Education in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Business.

Mr. Kirshner can be contacted at:

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