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The Foundation Partners with California JPIA

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The California Joint Powers Insurance Authority is a risk management organization that represents 100+ government agencies and tens of thousands of employees in California. This partnership brings the COSS training to thousands of employees at no cost.

"The California JPIA is pleased to announce a partnership with the Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation. This partnership will provide comprehensive safety training to member code enforcement officers and others in non-sworn enforcement positions like building inspectors and officials, animal control officers, community service officers, and more. The COSS training program is fifteen hours of progressive virtual learning on five subjects. The program is the only international officer safety training for the code enforcement industry. This training is offered at no cost to members, and a link to register is found on the myJPIA training portal." - The Authority, Issue 131

Addressing Senate Bill 296

Effective January, 1, 2022 Senate Bill 296 took effect. This requires agencies to develop officer safety standards. The State of California stated, "The Legislature finds and declares that code enforcement officers are disproportionately at risk for threat, assault, injury, and even homicide due to the nature of their obligations." This emphasizes the increased risk of the Code Enforcement profession beyond other government positions or even simply driving a vehicle.

CEOSF President Justin Edson announced, "This partnership with the California JPIA is groundbreaking to our profession and the mitigation of risk. Too often we hear decision makers assume that there is no risk with enforcing codes. When one reads the powerful words from the California Legislature and sees a partnership between the Foundation and the Authority, there is no question that there is a risk that must be addressed. The Foundation is grateful for the collaboration and partnership with the Authority to provide this crucial training to members across the State at no cost."

For agencies in California that are looking to comply with SB 296, the Code Official Safety Specialist training sets the standard. It is supported by the International Code Council (ICC), National Animal Care & Control Association, and now the California JPIA. While there are other classes and future certifications, there is no other internationally recognized officer safety training for Code Officials. As a JPIA member you can now receive this training for absolutely FREE. JPIA members just need to email us to enroll at

The Foundation is excited for a long and fruitful relationship with California JPIA.

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