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The Foundation Partners with the American Association of Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation (CEOSF) has partnered with the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) to promote the safety of the profession and to build statistical data related to officer safety incidents. This partnership between the two national organizations will allow for enhanced collaboration on all topics related to officer safety.

"This is a harmonious partnership that shows the value of teamwork to promote safety in our profession. AACE is the national association that certifies, trains, and supports Code Enforcement. CEOSF focuses on promoting the safety of those officers and inspectors so they can go home every night. Together, we can achieve great things for the profession," said CEOSF President Justin Edson.

"AACE's partnership with CEOSF is important in it's mission to help report incidents of violence against code officers. This reporting is a great resource for many things such as passing legislation for crimes against officers, national bench-marking studies, and more. Working together for officer safety is a strategic focus for the American Association of Code Enforcement," stated AACE President Barbara Burlingame.

About the American Association of Code Enforcement

The American Association of Code Enforcement is a national nonprofit association representing the profession of code enforcement. Since its inception, AACE has become the premier association fostering code compliance through its certification program, education, training and enforcement. The American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE), founded in 1988 by representatives from five states, now represents all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. AACE is the only association representing housing, property maintenance and zoning officials in the United States.

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